Wulfhed Soap Co Montreal - About Us

Wulfhed Soap Co. is a vegan friendly brand with punk rock roots, making small batches of natural soaps and body-care in Montreal, Quebec.

There's always been this idea of punk being about anger and teenage angst or a lot of negative connotations but I always saw Punk Rock as being about inclusivity and celebrating differences. A melting pot and a refuge.

When I was growing up, the punk rock  scene, was a place for outcasts, from whatever background; you could met people from all walks of life when you went to a show! I always loved the sense of community within the music and the DIY spirit of the scene

Punk rock music to me, is about still finding small joys in life even when things seem awful, creating a space and voice for people often overlooked and standing up for those people, together. Wulfhed is more than just soap, I wanted to create a brand that reflected and brought all those wonderful things that I loved about punk rock music and I'm so grateful I get to share it here with you!

Xoxo Claire🖤