Taking Care during Social-Distancing

Taking Care during Social-Distancing


I'm sure everyone is feeling the strain from self-isolation and social-distancing right now. We're living in a stressful environment which is why it is important to remember to take the time to care for yourself. I've been longing for those little moments of escape that I was used to before - a trip to the nail salon, a quiet cup of coffee at the cafe, a haircut or even just browsing a store to pass the time. As a mother, I would allow myself these simple pleasures as a means of escape and a reminder to take some time for myself but, but between working from home, having a full house and the current state of things, I'm finding it even harder to relax or breathe. 

Good news though - You don't need a trip to the spa to give yourself a little extra bit of pampering which is why I'll be sharing some of my favourite DIY ways to bring that experience home until the stores and salons are open again.

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Wishing you all well during this time 

<3 Claire xox

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