2021 Updates & New Products

2021 Updates & New Products

Hello Strangers! Nice to see you again! I wanted to take a moment to update you all as to what is going on with Wulfhed as well as some things going on in my personal life.

As some of you may already know, 2021 has already been a busy year for me! At the end of January, we welcomed the newest member to our little Wulf pack; our little baby Dean. Its been 12 years since my last baby so it's taken some time to adjust to this new life with a little baby (and also a pre-teen). Thank you to my loyal customers and supporters for being so patient during this adjustment period. <3

I know a lot of you have been asking about Pomade and good news, 2020 was the trial return of Wulfhed's oil based pomade! We released a small batch of 2 oz tins for reviews and feedback. (They are still available to the public should you want to pick some up). We want to hear more about what you think before we release a larger tin and finalize a label design. We love to hear your feedback and always take it into consideration when developing new products!

Other new things to look forward to this year;

- Solid Shampoos. I'm so stoked on these! Ditch the plastic bottles!

- Beard Oils and other men's products!

- Serums yo. 'Cause my after 30, postpartum skincare routine is now dependent on them!

On the not-so-great-news front; with all the hubub of new mom life, I seemed to have missed the deadline to renew my domain, so goodbye wulfhed.com (for now). Luckily, I can still possibly get it back (which is super important for me!) but like for all things in life, I gotta pay.

I call upon you customers, supporters, friends, to help me get this crucial piece of internet real estate back - there's a hefty fee involved in getting this domain back which is why every one of your orders makes such a huge difference to me. Not only does purchasing from us help us get that website back, but it also helps fund those aforementioned new product releases!  

We all know its been a difficult year for small businesses which is why it is so important to show your support with orders, social media interactions and telling your friends and family about us. I couldn't follow my passions without all of you guys and I am forever grateful for that. <3

xox Claire


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